IAPPS Aims and Activities

The prime aim of IAPPS is to promote the development of an integrated approach to research on plant protection and to its world-wide practical application.

With an increasing world population and the associated need for increased food production, effective and sustainable plant protection practices have an increasingly important role to play. The implementation of an integrated approach to plant protection to achieve effective and resilient plant protection strategies involves:

  • a scientific understanding of factors affecting pest population dynamics, including the role of natural control mechanisms,

  • the implementation of best on-farm management practices that, in combination, achieve improved plant protection outcomes, and

  • a coordinated and effective regulatory, policy and training environment. 

In this context, IAPPS seeks to contribute to its aim through the following structure and functions.

A Governing Board

Consists of an Executive, 14 representatives of major world regions, and representatives of important organisations and industries.

International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC)

IAPPS is responsible for a major International Congress every 4 years for plant protection scientists and practitioners.

Crop Protection

Crop Protection

IAPPS Participates in a sponsorship relationship with this Elsevier journal that publishes papers and articles on all aspects of plant protection.

International Symposia

IAPPS collaborates with regional plant protection societies and other organisations to address important international plant protection issues.

Global Plant Protection News

IAPPS Resources

Includes a Global Plant Protection News(GPPN) service; online access to Crop Protection journal papers; a monthly IAPPS Newsletter; and a Guide to authentic Plant Protection information.

IAPPS Plant Protection Awards of Distinction

These awards are presented to eminent scientists who have made an internationally recognised contribution to plant protection science - More...