The IAPPS Information Hub aims to provide relevant information on plant protection topics in a variety of ways:


1. The IAPPS Global Plant Protection News – provides a selection of recent articles on topics of relevance to plant protection. You can access these news items here or by clicking on the drop-down menu item (ONLINE NEWS -GPPN) under Information Hub. If the latest GPPN posting does not appear, you can access it at –

2. IAPPS Newsletter & Archive – every month an edition of the IAPPS Newsletter is posted to the IAPPS website and subsequently published in the journal – Crop Protection.

3. Crop Protection – the Official Journal of IAPPS. You can view the list of articles in the latest edition of crop Protection and Members can access the online version ????

4. The IAPPS Guide to Plant Protection Information – a searchable database of approved websites worldwide that provide important information and training resources on plant protection. You can access an introduction to the Guide here. The Guide itself can be accessed here or from the drop-down menu.

5. Sites providing remote diagnostic advice ??